The Secret Admirer (Ophis)

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I think I'm stuck here. I can't seem to get her badge for some odd reason. I killed Ophis and her group in the base, but that was before I got the side quest. I'm aware they respawn back, matter a fact I was just playing and everyone it bac there. I also killed her pet cyclops, but that also was before I got the side quest. I'm big too sure if her cyclops respawn. Just checked the place, and it wasn't there. Maybe it takes longer then Ophis? Now, here's the weird part. I put on the female garbs, and walked in. Some of the bandits attacked me, while some didn't. The ones that didn't attack me I could talk to. Ophis is one of them. Everytime I talk to Ophis she just say something bout telling me to leave. Can anyone help me out here? Perhaps lend me a copy of her badge for me perhaps?
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Can anyone help, please?

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If you killed her before you got the quest you cannot complete it. I had the same issue and after reading some forums people had the same issue andfor some reason the quest will not progress any further. You can attempt it again on the second playthrough and this time do not kill the friendly cyclops :-)

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that sucks.. can anyone gift me one?