So I've got the Golden Idol. Who should I give it to?

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Really bothering me (Almost as much as that escort quest) ... What should I do with this thing exactly?


I know Caxton has that idol worship mission - so it seems like the game is hinting to use it on him. But something tells me that maybe I should give it to a different merchant, perhaps later down the line or something? 


I was thinking about the merchant in the ancient quarry, as he already has swordsman gear, etc.  --- would this therefore be more beneficial?


Perhaps someone has found some sort of loopholes. I am still unsure about quite a lot from this game, other than that it is very unforgiving, vague, but addictive as hell.


Thanks for responses.

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If you have a female character or a female main pawn, give it to Madeleine. It makes getting some of the armor much easier, to me at least. Pretty much all of the benefits of giving it to Caxton comes in the form of weapons, which I'm fairly sure you can find similar or better weapons not long after you give it to him anyway, lol. Besides, this game has it's way of more than providing you with weapons. Armor though... is a different story. I seem to have terrible luck with drop rates, from chests. -.-

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From what I've heard: Caxton is better for melee characters, Madeleine is better for ranged/mage characters.

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I'm not trying to convince anyone per se, this is purely my two cents on the idol system as it stands. The Silver Idol works well enough for Caxton, in my opinion. The benefits for giving him the Gold Idol are outweighed by those of giving it to Madeleine, again... in my opinion.

I will say this though, giving him the Gold Idol only allows you easy/early access to a selection of weapons to help you prior to post-game status. After that, any and all weapons you used previously are technically useless, in comparison to the weapons that show up post-game, both in shops and through other means.

Caxton only offers up one single additional weapon for each type if given the gold idol, over being given the silver one. He offers no armor of any kind through this method. Madeleine offers curatives, weapons and armor via the idols. So, if you think you will ever even remotely use a mage, sorcerer, strider, assassin, ranger or magic archer... in my honest opinion, giving Madeleine the idol pays off a lot more. Especially since eventually she will disappear for most people, never to return, until new game plus.

If one is worried about acquiring melee gear, well... I don't know about anyone else, but I'm finding weapons and armor for Warriors and Fighters left and right. So, that doesn't seem to be a big issue in this game. However, ranged and magi gear is not as common.

So, once again... Caxton having the Gold Idol offers a very brief and insignifant bonus. I was more than happy with my Crimson Teeth, silver or gold idol, and Hunter's Bow, the latter of which I easily found in a chest. The uses of armor is far more stretched out than weapons, in my opinion. So I gave the better idol to Madeleine. xD

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I just got the Idol this morning and as I have just switched to Assassin and my main is a Ranger I will definitely be giving the Idol to Madeleine.