Screen Size Issue, help

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I am playing DD (on PS3) and my TV screen resolution is 16:9, but the image in the game isn't filling the entire screen.

On Dragon's Dogma my screen gets shrunk by two black bars, one at the bottom and one at the top of the screen.

This widescreen effect is dramatically reducing the displayed image and makes the image looks stretched and squeezed.

Is there any solution to this? is there a way to set the screen size to fix it?

Does anyone else gets this?


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There's no way to change the bars or remove them. Only thing you can do is adjust your television settings so that there isn't a stretching of the image, due to whatever display or screen size setting it's currently on.

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No it is ok, it's not really stretched. maybe a furture patch will fix this, allowing screen to fit fully.

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Nopetho patch is gonna fix that. Reason being this was a way to reduce the resolution to keep better frame rates. Capcom did the same thing fo

resident evil 4 for GameCube. 

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This isn't a very smart move by capcom.. Anyway I still get some framedrop when at night and there are several light sources active including healing spells, lantern, and other spells - the game slows like in slow-motion... 

 Do you have this slow-mo issue too?

I have heard that if you change your PS display settings to produce only 720p res' then the game will fit fully. But that will be a pain to swap all the time..

I have also heard that some players don't have this issue at all, no borders, how come?

One of them uses the same screen size (inches) like me, but he doesn't have the black borders !??

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It could depend on what your tv is capable of. I just tried to see if I could remove them on my tv and no luck. I have an older model hdtv so that's obviously why.

Or it could be that people just don't notice the bars. I actually didn't notice them until someone pointed it out. For the longest time, I was used to watching movies with bars, till I got my hdtv.