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Ok people, this is the page where you can describe advertise your companions for the purpose of rent/trading or simply for a good ol' chin wag. I'll add mine when I've actually begun lol.

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Daenery Stormborn, The Unburnt and Mother of Dragons. A healing specialist you can also lend the gift of fire and lighting to the rest of the party. When not healing or buffing she uses fire and ice to ignite and shatter enemies into oblivion. PSN Rasputin177. She is level 11 atm and most of her gear is at least upgraded once.

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I've got my warrior Ashok he's level 10 atm. Later on I'm probably going to make him in to a mystic knight. Most of his gear has been upgraded and has some quest knowledge. Psn Pandora012

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Mines called Saya, I wanted her name and moniker to match. She's a wee mage, a little fragile at first although incredibly helpful with her healing abilitys and a fiery lass indeed. Now she's level 16, has some very good gear, fights with an advanced version of her fire attack and electricity and she is getting rather powerful but please, take good care of her if you take her into your team.

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Gamertag: Chrippa112

Pawn: Anya

Moniker: Anya

Class: Sorcerer, Max Rank / Sex: Female

Skills Primary High Bolide, High Gicel & High Fulmination

Skills Secondary Holy Affinity, Ice Affinity & Fire Affinity

Level: 69

Offenses: Strength 453 / Magick 970

Defenses: 501 / Magick Defense 504

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gamertag: ItsWutEva pawn: THE jant moniker: fingers class: warrior, max rank, female Skills: i dont know the names, but she has the cyclops thing for a weapon that hits for like 900+ and is just a beast level: um... about 45 or 46
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Pawn:Lisa , her level is 16. moniker:abby class:strider>ranger. She always fainted the last in my group even though other is leveled more than her My PSN:Worawaet
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Oh, and my gamer tag is - The Neon Seal. Somebody please employ my Saya, she's lv 20+ now with some awesome gear and i think most if not all of her skills (including heal, ingle, fire enchantment plus more, I fill every space) are advanced level and she kicks butt!

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Name: Axel
Monicker: Axel
Gender: Male
Xbox Gamertag: KinuHana
Level: Between 45 & 50
Vocation: Fighter
Vocational Rank: 5
Inclinations: Scather, Nexus
Skills: Burst Strike, Tusk Toss, Compass Slash, Shield Drum, Springboard, Sheltered Strike
Core Skills: Dire Onslaught, Takedown, Controlled Fall, Deflect
Augments: Fitness, Vigilance, Intervention, Apotropaism, Egression, Sinew
Weapons: Dragon's Dogma (sword, 2 stars, from beating the dragon), Dragon's Aegis (shield, 1 star, from beating the dragon)
Clothing: Dragonleather Vest (Dragonforged), Chimeric Half Plate (Dragonforged), Meloirean Armguard (Dragonforged), Full Chain Hosen (Dragonforged), Battle Greaves (Dragonforged), Paladin's Mantle (Dragonforged), Golden Ring.

- - - - - - - - - - - *Axel is kind, and a bit timid. In the midst of battle, though, that changes. He is aggressive and hard working. Although... after the battle is over he's like to go back to being timid again. He's tall and lanky, but decked out in heavy armor.

Axel used to be a female mage, and I just began NG+. So I changed her to a him, and made him into a Fighter. As posted he's just Rank 5, so he's still got a lot of skills and such to learn. This is my first time making a fighter pawn, so if you hire him and have any suggestions, I'd welcome them ^^;

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Name: Arisen (yea yea i know. Messed up during the demo and i didnt realize it till it was too late) Moniker: Afaenia Gender: Female Gamertag: Mysticsolid Level: 33 Vocation: Sorcerer fully ranked, Mage 5th rank (if you msg me i can change her before you enlist her) Skills: High Bolide, High Necromancy, High Levin, Maelstrom, Petrification, Thunder Affinity
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PSN: PhatVN pawn: BlueJob moniker: Fang class: warrior, max rank, female Stat: 1200+ attack, 450+ defence (pretty much the max at that point). level: 50 Side note : my pawn is really sexy... And she have a ridiculously sexy looking 2-hand sword. Even if you don't wanna rent her.. i suggest you check her out.
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Gamertag is ew hi. Main pawn name is Boxxy. Her primary and secondary is mendicant and guardian (I believe). She's a maxed fighter, but soon to become a Warrior. She's level 25 soon to be 26. All I can say is she is the most helpful pawn ever. Even the two hired pawns I rent combined doesn't match Boxxy cause she's "THE QUEEN!" lol. Unless if the two pawns I hire are a higher level then obvious they are much more helpful. All I can say is she is real helpful. She saved me so many times in the past when I go exploring end up finding things I shouldn't find yet. For example, I found and killed a dragon at level 20. Thanks to her a lot. If you know who Boxxy is then you'll see the resemblance, lol. Cause, she is "THE QUEEN!" lol, on a serious note, try her out she is real helpful, and it'll mean a lot to me to see her being used more often. Much thanks!
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Gamertag: Shwiiiing Pawn: Serena Vocation: Sorcerer Inclination: Scather Lvl: 49 High Gicel, High Bolide, High Maelstrom HIgh Brontide, HIgh Comestion, HIgh Necromancy
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Gamertag: SteWago (XBOX 360) Pawns Name: Dante Characters Moniker: Dante Characters Level: 40-45 Current Vocation: Warrior Inclinations: Challenger & Acquisitor His main inclination is Medicant meaning he is always trying to heal you, with out guardian potentially being an issue. He has an aggressive attitude and white hair based off Dante from DMC. Most of his equipment is 2 star, some of it 3 - and still upgrading. I would appreciate anyone who wants to use him and give him a rating. =] ---------------
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Current vocation-Ranger


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PSN ID: GunEye21

Pawn: Alina (Alexandra)

Female, Fighter, Level 19.

Guardian and big game hunter. Will draw enemies, combine attacks and keep a solid defense-offense balance throughout the fight.

Most of her gear is upgraded, including 3 stars sword and shield.

She is thin, small and agile. And will rarely drop to her knees.

Please hire her for some good experiences and don't forget to rank her.


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XBL : Rubber65Soul

Pawn : Olivia

Female, Fighter around level 28

Scather, Mitigator

She not only looks good, she performs admirably.

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Ranger looking for a good time.

Interestes include: slaying goblins by moonlight, romantic nights at the local inn, and smoking herb.

Turn ons: healing and support magick

turn offs: walking....

Currently level 38, check stats for more info.

Gamertag XTamponX 

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Pawn: Idan xbx live: Dyludyludi lvl: 46 warrior very good tanker and really good gear. will never die :P
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Pawn: Claire
PSN: AkaiRegion
Level: 60 (Currently)
Class: Female Fighter
Equipment: Check for more information >_<
Skills: Check for more information >_<
Good Auguments I could said and her attribute is Challenger!

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Pawn: Morrigan

PSN: Remnantfantasy

Level: 47 (atm)

Class: Sorcerer

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Xbox Live: Pr0ph3cy32

Pawn Name: Lia Frost

Level: 75+


Vocations: Strider Rank 9, Ranger Rank 9, Fighter Rank 6, Warrior Rank 9, Mage Rank 5, Sorcerer Rank 7.

Current Vocation: Sorcerer

High Ingle

High Comestion

High Frigor

High Void Spell

High Necromancy


All Vocations are fully geared mostly 3 star enhanced end game equips few post game equips sadly none for current Vocation.

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Pawn: Wanda XBL: Tatsuzuki Level: 97 (permanent, no longer playing) Sorceress with around 1830 magic. High bolide, high fulmination, high seism, high voidspell, high blearing, holy affinity. Bubbly personality, great sense of humor. Enjoys Disney movies (esp 101 dalmations). She's a great pawn that often gets overlooked because of her weight issues.
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My pawn is a max level strider equiped with a lot of crowd control skills. She's around level 45 and hasn't been recruited at all yet :( My PSN name is AntonioTheDeadly.
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Player Tag: Opt_0 (Opt_Zero) PS3

Pawn: Kye

lvl: 75

Generaly she is a Strider (currently training as a socceror, two ranks to go)

Traits: Scather

2ndary: Nexus/Aquisitor (on occasion Utilitarian) I will use Aquisitor for my own enjoyment, I'm a loot-hound.

While playing in her primary role of Strider she is very active, often climbing large foes, aggresive attacks, and durable to damage.

Currently working on her socceror skills, trying to reduce casting time and increase variation and variaty in spells cast.

Gear and equipment is almost always maxed in upgrades, espically in Archery roles.

When she is in archery roles I try not to employ to many charged attacks so she can increase her firing rate in general and stay as mobile as possible.

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pawn name : nostromo

moniker : noel

vocation : warrior / pioneer and scather

lv : 120

in full dragonforged abyssinal armor set and dragonforged dwells-in-light 2hander.

my handle is "Shade of Icarus"

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Gamertag: joscip

Pawn Name: Shantaneera

Moniker: Shantaneera

Gender: Female

Vocation: Ranger

Level: 115

Inclinations: Scather / Challenger

HP: 4123

Stamina: 2155

Primary W. Attack: 1199/831

Secondary W. Att.: 1369/-

Def.: 720

M. Def.: 411


Dagger: Cutting Wind/ Dazzle Blast/ Advanced Trigger

Long Bow: Great Gamble/ Tenfold Flurry/ Deathly Arrow

Augments: Precision/Bastion/Proficiency/Clout/Grit/Vehemence

Gear: DF Heaven's Key/ DF Savage Fang/ DF Golden Lion Helm/ DF Golden Lion Padding/ DF Dragonleather Vest/ DF Burnished Bracers/ DF Carmine Breeches/ DF Silver Hosen/ DF Feral Cape / Restless Earring.

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Gt:Karathrax Pawn: Draken I switch between Ranger and Sorcerer, depending what's going on in my game. He has all vocations and all augments to choose from, so one could truthfully say he is performance-enhanced. Currently level 142, equipment Dragonforged and dark resistance-selected. Most of you guys can't afford his rental fee-- send a FR if you want either heavy artillery or precision defense in your party.
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My PSN: AkaiRegion

Pawn: Claire
Level: 200
Class: Female Fighter
Equipment: All Dragonforged (Everfall & UR-Dragon)
Burst Strike
Steel Will
Dragon's Maw
Shield Drum
Sheltered Assault
Divine Defense
Inclinations: Scather & Utilitarian

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Gt: ASleeplessWolf

Main Pawn: jesus

Description: Utilitiarian primary and medicant secondary, jesus will give you holy enchantments to battle evil as well as heal you. He also gives you the powers of fire and lightning to carry out his duty to preserve justice and rightness. Like any wizard, he is sometimes hit while casting. But jesus holds another major advantage. Because he is used to others trampling him, he only takes half damage while casting. jesus will support you and perform modest miracles for your whole team. Cry out, "Help me!" jesus will come running.

Level: 27 and rising.

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XBL: TheWrathOfDub Pawn: Alice Class: Fighter Primary: Medicant Secondary: Scather Lvl 32 Hp 1664 ST1030 Rating (5 stars) Appearance: 3 out of 5 Battle Rating: 4 out of 5 Helpfulness: 4 out of 5 -I just started playing this game its fun but like to see my pawn get some more action! Shes been used a few times actually. If your a Strider shes very useful to tank please use her i could use the RC!
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I got the demo version at the moment, and apparently my pawn gets hired very often, bringing me loads of RPs daily. Not sure if all that and the massive hoard of coins carry over though. I'd like to believe she is actually fighting abroad, even if she is a 'demo pawn'. If that's the case, I have a decent pawn available for fellow beginners, before reaching Gran Soren. She has all fighter skills unlocked up to rank 3, including core skills and augments. Having an upper limit let me fill out all six fighter skill slots with the surplus of points to spend. PSN; Aztec_Soul_86 PAWN; Fernanda (MONIKER; Flora) FIGHTER level 10, rank 3 NEXUS/GUARDIAN                                                                            

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Hi, Just started playing. My pawns name is Jandy (or jandy) She is a female fighter. Let me know how her skill set up is, wanting her to be a tank. She is around lvl 15. My character is a Magic Archer. His name is Malik Thanks
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Gamertag: WonderingWookie

Pawn: ?/Changes often

Moniker: ?/Changes often

Class: Changes often, Max Rank

Level: Infinite(200)

I'm maxed out level so my pawn is a force to be reckoned with what ever class i choose it to be,and have a ton of dragonforged gear,and all the best weopons for him/her.I change my pawns name,class,and skills after i play awhile,but you're free to send me a friend request if you want so you can rent my pawn for free.If you message me here i'll try to accept ASAP,but if you want to let me know in a xbox360 message that the friend request is for renting my dragons dogma pawn for free then i'm cool with that,and maybe we'll chat on there.If you need help on any quests,or free items/materials,or hard to get everfall items let me know,and i'll rent your pawn and send them to you if I have extras,or can get them to you.Have fun.