Need Abyssal Set

#1 Posted by SageOfShadows (36 posts) -
I just barely missed the last killing of the Ur dragon so now I really need the set, id be willing to trade bt if someone has an extra one may I please have it.
#2 Posted by StealthyProwler (25 posts) -
whatcha got for trade?? i have full abyssinal dragon forged with sigfried mask.
#3 Posted by SageOfShadows (36 posts) -
I tried messaging you on my otherb forum but you didnt respond, i have a lot of stuff for warriors, the wizards vizard "collector shield" plus I got the entire monster hunter weapon pack, I really need this set btw
#4 Posted by StealthyProwler (25 posts) -
i didnt see anything from another forum xD uhhh whats your gamer tag, perhaps we can work out a trade??
#5 Posted by SageOfShadows (36 posts) -
My GT is x The Plan B x but i would prefer working out the details on here, its easier for me since im not on my xbox as i am on this
#6 Posted by NinjaStatic (738 posts) -

If you beat him offline you get the set too, don't you? Although, I think you only get one of the weapons, as opposed to the handful you get if he's defeated online.

#7 Posted by StealthyProwler (25 posts) -

i just killed urdragon for the 2nd time online and got another abssyinal set, so if you can get your hands on Grisly Bone plate ill trade you for sure. GT: StealthyProwler