Looking for Lord of the Rings pawns

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Preferably part of the fellowship but ill use anything relates to Tolkien. I'm not sure how to trade pawns I figure just searching PSN ID. I have a good looking legolas in my opinion if you're interested. Just really wan LOTR pawns. Right not I have a gandalf someone made that spelled his name wrong but it was best I could do. Help me out please.
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check this link: http://www.gamespot.com/dragons-dogma/forum/great-unique-and-handsome-male-pawns-abel-cain-and-imil-65088797/ My pawn Imil is a High Elf sorcerer pawn, and he looks awesome. Look:
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In my opinion, elves shouldn't be so beefy looking lol. They are supposed to be swift battle combatants XD