How is Rank different from level?

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If it says Rank 5 for an Augment what does that mean? So, far I level up and then new skills seem to become available. I am confused.

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Could someone please give me an idea how long it would take to reach rank 5? The rank you can take the Sinew weight capacity bonus augment? I have been wanting to do it for days but not if its going to take a long time. I just want the augments.

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Level is your players level of experience. All experience points go towards your players level. Rank is your players level in said Vocation (strider, mage, warrior) rank doesnt level up like your players level does. The game shows you how you increase your players level with the experience bar. Unfortunately the game doesnt show you how you increase your rank. You increase your rank in said vocation by activating the vocation and just playing. There isnt a progress bar to indicate how close you are. Theres a max of 9 ranks per vocation so after rank 9 all skills will be unlocked and you will no longer get better at that vocation but you continue to gain levels. Increasing your base stats.
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Thank you. Seriously, thank you. I could not figure it out for the life of me. That does not make much sense to me but its one of the games weird "quirks" I guess. Hopefully, it does not take long to reach rank 5.

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Just running around doing random quests and fighting should rank you up.  I didn't do anything specific and I've steadily ranked up in strider, assassin, and magick archer.  My question is do you get to keep the core skills and augments from every vocation?  I mean potentially if you ranked 10 in every vocation you'd have a hell of a build.  Havent even tried mage yet.

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You somewhat keep the core skills, though with some of the core skills you need to be using a certain weapon in order for it to be active.  Some require a dagger, sword, 2her, staff, etc to be active.  With augements, youcan mix and match what you unlock and buy as you go.  You can max out one profession and then play another with some of those augments.  I know I have some of the Warrior ones going that buff strength and knock down ability while playing as a range/strider/assassin.