DD good sales.

#1 Posted by robtion (203 posts) -

Great sales week one in Japan 300 000 on PS3 + 30 000ish on 360. Hopefully the rest of the world is just as enthusiastic. :)

#2 Posted by eridian00 (92 posts) -
yep its a great game would love to see another one in the future or just some great dlc for the next couple years
#3 Posted by Moses_A_Rose (368 posts) -

I agree. I would love to see a DD 2. I have to say, I had more fun playing this then Skyrim.

#4 Posted by bogart069 (165 posts) -

Thats just Japan , correct ?  Or is that worldwide ?

#5 Posted by eridian00 (92 posts) -
thats just week ONE in japan so imagine the rest of the world PLUS after week one sales and so one so 300k ps3 sales in one week just in japan is pretty good.
#6 Posted by HGAT (1366 posts) -

That is good cause this game has got legs and good word of mouth now so it can continue to do well hopefully there will be a DD2.