Continue Playing after finish main quest

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Hi, I am just wondering whether there is much you can do after you have finished the main and side quests? For instance do enemies respawn for me to go and raid them. Or anything like that really.

Considering buying them game, I played the demo a couple of times and it seems great. I have watched a few gameplay vids as well, why don't more people know of this game, it seems great. Though I have to admit I thought the trailer was unappealing. Good job I tried the demo.


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I haven't finished the game so I can't say if you can keep playing after the end but enemies do respawn.
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there is a NG+ where you can replay the whole game with the same toon starting out where you left off with experience, etc very common in jrpg type games
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Both answers are good news to me, thanks :D
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Both answers are good news to me, thanks :D
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Is this from experience or from knowledge? I beat the game, and well... I went and made a new game, thinking it would NG+ and to my surprise i got **** over. :( If your thinking that i didn't really beat the game, yes, i did. I beat the dragon and [spoiler] collected the stones to and did all those nice things :L anyways after all that i couldn't do anything, literally.. I was allowed to return to the main capital city and the hometown from the beggining of the game.. buts thats just it... I wasnt allowed to speak to anyone, to die, or even explore more. Your character was invisibble and this got irritating. so thats it, i thought i beat it and could start New Game +, but nooo.. now im back to square one.. and stop wanting to play..
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The fact is You have to stab Yourself with the God Bane!! then you will be able to restart.. I was lost for hour and deleted game when I started a NG, hope this helps You..
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Started NG+ again today but I doubt it will keep my interest..  I like the great high end gear but the game is so much easier starting out at level 50+.  And Im not really interested in the UR Dragon.. 

What I would really like is some of the top end gear on my lower level Pawn.  Maybe creating a new account and trading gear between my accounts will be the better option for me..

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The fact is,after you beat the game,it's not really over. After all,there are plenty of things to do,and different classes to try out,and the great thing is,you keep leveling up,and you keep all the items from the previous game. I will admit,hearing my pawns say the same thing over and over again after passing certain points on the map can get dull,but pray,it does grow on you..."Harpy!".
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i beatthe game stabbed myself and i still have to start over at lvl 1 so no u cant keep your stuff
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I've just started playing DD recently, but it's my understanding that after you beat the dragon you must initiate NG+ via LOAD GAME,not New Game. Maybe that's what you inadvertently did? Any high end or ranked gamers who have spare or extra gear from later in the game, and who are willing to share with a newbie - please let me know. I play more for the story, and am finding that the tougher and extended boss fights work against a player like me. Here is a list of items that I would like to get if possible: Abyssinal Armor Set, Abyssinal Outfit, Animistic Robe, Asura Armor, Bandit Stalkers, Barbarian Chiefs Helm, Iron Bandings, Lordly Cloak, Lupine Veil, Red Dragon Scale, Red Leather Armor, Scale Coat, Silver Vest, Berserkin, Flame Skirt, Maidens Camisole, Maidens Petticoat, Noblewomans Corset, Silk Lingerie, Sultry Cowl, Sultry Pareo, Summery Cowl, Summery Pareo and White Stockings.
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Send me a friend request if you're on xbox360 @ GT wonderingwookie.I'm LVL 200 and have tons of stuff to pass out i'm sure.Also,if you are on xbox,this gives you my highest LVL pawn to use to help you get through tough bosses,and so on to rent for 0 rift crystals!This goes for anyone who reads this so you're welcome to send friend requests.I do change my pawn from time to time,but right now my pawn is a female strider named willow,small but very efficiant,and has all dragonforged gear,and some great weapons.Just send me a message letting me know that this site is how you found me,we can chat on xbox,and you can let me know what you need.Enjoy!

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Also,NG+ is awesome,you must load the previous game,and not start a new game to do this.You will be able to keep your levels,exp,items,and so on,but do not start a new game.You can also change your charaters,and pawns look,class,and so on whenever you like after you start NG+,but i do believe you must purchase the art of metamorphisis from johnathan at the encampment to do so,or you may also just be able to do so for beating the game,and you can change their look at the title screen.hope that helps

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i beatthe game stabbed myself and i still have to start over at lvl 1 so no u cant keep your stuff spike2688
Hi, The 'stabbing yourself with godsbane' is a bit misleading. If you do that before beating the POST GAME boss you will just kill yourself and get the 'retry' screen that you normally get if you die during a normal fight. You get a 'clear game' save by using godsbane AFTER beating post game boss, visiting the start village then leaving the start village. Sorry its not clear but I don't want to spoil things. You will get the idea after beating the post game boss (and no, it isn't the UrDragon). Loading the 'clear save' will start NG+
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If you have a PS3 could you maybe lend me some things or a couple pawns or the same thing for anybody else that is willing some of the bigger monsters are quite tough.
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In order to start NG+, you must stab yourself with the Godsbane Blade after the Seneschal fight. After that, credits will play... then you must click LOAD GAME. DO NOT EVER click new game. That's how data gets deleted.

In NG+ you will be able to start the game over, but keep your's and your pawn's level, experience, skills, money and items. Also, in New Game + some of the weapons and armor are better.

Many people think killing the dragon is the final boss, but it's not, OP. After you kill the dragon there will be a small section of the game called Post Game, which is both a LOT of fun and extremely hard if you're not prepared. There are certain items you can only get in Post Game that you can't get at any other time.