Cons of the game..Please share you thoughts.

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I like this game alot. I use to love it like crazy. But as I progressed through the game, I felt that the repeating errors and lack of polish is really harming the whole experience.

1)The lack of polish tends to stand out over the good elements of the game, and this could really hurt after a while.

2)Graphic engine, visuals and especially Framrate are too weak, and really aren't optimized with today's consoles. FPS dips too frequently. Poor quality textures and animations with both character and objects are plugging the game. PS3 can eat this game for breakfest I'm sure. And letterboxing (black borders) are useless and irksome.

3)This game had a huge potential for a fantastic story, but instead it lacks drive and appeal. Character, some areas and environment design are also flawed and un-compelling, especially story/quest related characters. This takes a chunk of the fun, and makes side and most of the main quests boring and tedious.

Japanese, let alone Devil May Cry 4 desginer, can really come up with a dramatic story and events.

4)This game should have been filled with dynamic high quality cutscenes, but instead they fill the gaps with 3d person "mini-cutscenes",using stiff and mechanic half-game animations - that are both uninteresting and unattractive.

5)The fact that you have no speech, let alone the ability to talk, is one thing - combined with too many "fetch" and "go there, talk with" quests is a real downfall. In Dark Souls you couldn't speak, but you weren't forced/rushed into such tedious quests.

6)While lack of story and drive bothers me mostly, I felt that even the core-gameplay and balance should and could have been ten times better.

Core skills... 2 alternative attacks, some rolling and extra moves.. they should have filled the game with DMC or Ninja Gaiden (if you may) combo like movesets. Combining light, heavy, grab and even jump could get a long way.. even one button can form a wide variety of combos (see DMC4). L, L, break, LLL etc or L+forward, LL etc.. (I was really hoping for a DMC4 style combat.

limiting you to 3 active skills, might be challenging and interesting early on, but later stages it gets dull and highly repetitive. sometimes too much. They could have easily added the X button for many combos, or even better use the D-pad and "style" change, sort of like Dante in DMC4.

All this together would have ended up in gazilion of new and available moves.

7)And finally, I feel like the world should have been expanded, extra populated and that the challenge rating should have increased. I explore the game for a while before progressing into the first Everfall quest. Now I feel like the game is frequently too easy.Reached the Griffin's Bane at level 44, and it was too easy. A real shame.

Now I feel like I am highly overleveled, and all I did was exploring (not too much btw).

It is a shame things have gone this way.. I do hope that a sequel will be build upon feedback from the fans. The designers should try to fix and perfect all those bad qualities in an otherwise ground-breaking game.

Please share your thoughts, if you think I'm wrong or have something to add, please write it down.

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Everything you said, and that annyoing save system. but the most annyoing things are that there is only one city, and that the graphics engine is poop.

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Aside from some of the monsters, that looking very well, like Chimera, Hydra, Gryphon, Drake, that I dare say look better and are far more "alive" and active than so many creatures in other games to date.

But of course extra high end textures, parllex mapping, bumping etc - could make them and the rest of the graphic engine look even better.

It is a shame, the engine not only suffers from poor visuals but also poor performance since it isn't optimized.

Sometimes it feels as if you are walking in a over head point and click game, using a 3d person action perspective.

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On the bright side of things..

Some of the indoor looks ok, and dynamic shadows and darkness/light effects are usually great (albiet lowers FPS far more than they should). Never have I experienced the thrill of true dark nights or dungeons in any game. Darkness of night is always somewhat clear and bright in every game, but here, you can walk in pitch black forest, it is really cool.

If monsters and boss monsters would randomly appear (and not area generated) in every corner of the world, it would make travelling both day and night a constant pleasure and will forever keep players on their toes.

I like the fact that monsters, unlike Dark/Demon's Souls actually attack several players and pawns at the same time. Not only the multi limbed ones. This is gaming breakthourgh truly.

Pawn system works great. With good potential for improvement.

More items, treasures, armors etc - and better quality in design could really help!

Different speeds, styles, move-sets, attack patterns to weapons and armors is very important to add- like in Dark Souls - I do hope they do this..

And yeah bigger world, more and bigger monsters (imagine a giagantic Purpule Wurm like in D&D, Colosall Giants and Spiders, etc...), more cities...

What troubles me most, is that this game got alot of good comments and feedback, and good sales, almost without admitting its many downfalls.

I do hope some kind of fan-base would cry out for improvement before the next game would be in its progress... But since I don't see much active talkative community (like in DkS for instance), I am not sure that we will see all those changes..

Let us hope, perhaps the not so high reviews of the game websites would encourge improvement as well. It is still a good game on a dated and flawed basis.

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None of the things you mentionded bother me at all. Its the easy mode that Capcom added after the fact that really pisses me off. 

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I think easy mode may be useful for some people but anyway, after beating the game once (actually even earlier) what we really need so badly is a hard mode... Once you get to lvl 50 or even lower, bosses are simply too easy. About the story, aye it's not really  great,  but  what really infuriates me is the lack of control in the romance system... Just by sleeping too much at Grand Soren, Asalam may fall in love with you, no matter how much cloud wine you have gifted to Mercedes...To sleep in the only one inn of one city should not force the innkeeper to fall in love with you!!!! And that stupid duchess Eleanor... Just the music when she appears seems to force you romance her... I used to cast high seism on her as soon as I saw her (I hate her almost as much as I hate Feste... So you can imagine how many skeleton keys I spent... But to see her flying due to a huge rock spike was worth them !!!).

On the other hand, I have to say that in spite of the lack of argument and all the weak points this RPG may have, I absolutely love it! Together with Mass Effect 3 has been my game of the year this far and I have enjoyed it even more than Skyrim (which for me is one of the best games ever). So please Capcom, listen to DD's fans, improve the weak points, and prepare an even better sequel which can be one of the best RPG ever!


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the lack of higher difficulty basically made me stop playing recently.

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Mobs are preplaced, night-time isn't as scary as advertised, and its just rough around the edges. Regardless, I love this game just the same as I did before I bought it and when I started playing.

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It seems the economy isn't very thought out. It feels very much like a Computer RPG of years past, but the fact that you find a good majority of money just strewn about, makes the currency feel out of place. Also you can return to places in the world that you find stashes of over 1k gold at a time and find the money there again also feels a bit lazy. The second problem I have with the game is the lack of control in the actions of your pawns. For the most part they go off on their own and do their thing. While they do a decent job most of the time. More advanced strategies are not possible. The third problem I have in the game is the vocation system. You can max out a vocation fairly easy and the system allows you to change both your own and that of your pawn as the situation calls for. This doesn't feel very natural to me. Yesterday you knew how to use magic but because you put a bow on your back, now you don't? Yes there is the hybrid classes but that only partially solve this problem. I think a system like that found in DnD 3rd edition to be friendlier. Other then that I have not yet fond many other problems that bother me. Granted I have only played a few days but love the game so far.
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Most areas and even characters themselves aren't very 'fleshed' out. There is very little ingame backstory for even the most important characters.

Me and a few other people were talking about how the game could have really used a mailbox system for sending people items ingame. I've had too many friends complaining about how they recieved rocks when I gifted their pawns some pretty expensive and rare equipment. That is shameful.

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Most of my negatives in the game have already been named, but I will simply build on that. The auto-save system burned me recently, so I will start there. Somehow my data became corrupted, forcing me to delete my character and restart. 20 hours in to my first play through, this is both annoying and avoidable. There is a reason I, like so many other rpg gamers, always have a backup save. To not have that ability in a game of this scale is absurd. Class variations would also have been more fun if they were more specialized. Fighter/Warrior/Assassin may each have subtle break offs, but really they are just one class with two foundations. This is true of the other classes as well, and a greater degree of commitment to a vocation would have been nice, at least for the main character if not as much the pawn. The large open world is nice, but perhaps a smaller, more linear one would have better served this game. If not, a fast travel between discovered pawn summoning stones would have done it. This game has a tremendous baseline foundation for a sequel. I just hope they can build on it and deliver a true gem.