Bleh, levelling

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I've heard the DLC is recommended for 130+. Problem is, to get to 130+, I need to enter the Everfall. But I've heard that the DLC gets harder in end-game. But I don't want to go to NG+, because I'm going str assassin and don't want to accidentally level as a fighter. So I don't know what to do. Any recommendations? Was thinking of maybe just farming the drake outside the shadow fort, while sleeping at the base camp south of it.
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I haven't heard that the dlc will get harder in end-game, care to share where you saw it? Sounds great for replayability if that's the case. If you are in post-dragon gransys, then that means that the place is filled with enemies that give you tons of xp. A few runs through the Everfall and you'll level up. If you then start a new game for the dlc, you can just speed through the first part until you get to gransys and can switch to assassin again. You'll level up one or two levels max, if at all. If you are over level 100 then it'll be even harder to level up and if you do, your stats won't be that much affected. I recommend choosing strider if you start a new game after level 100 since you'll get the same amount of strength stats as the fighter class but will now have a bonus to stamina if you happen to level up :) (unless the guide I'm looking at is incorrect). Then again, I doubt that it'll make a huge difference if you are level 130+ or not for the dlc. I keep reading that it's just meant for players over level 50, never heard anything about 130+ (again, do share where you're getting info if you can :D). If you can fight through the Everfall chambers without too much difficulty then I don't think the dlc will be too difficult (though I really hope so since the game has stopped being challenging for leveled up chars).
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Well I heard all of these as rumours a while back, but the page I found them on is gone. I found out that you can enter the DLC while in post-game, so I could just do that. I entered post-game today.