Dragon Wars Cheats For Apple II

  1. Quick Cheap Druid Magic

    Create a character with >20 strength. Go to the Mystic Wood via the Underworld. Use the Beast Horn you find in the NW enclave and wrestle with Enkidu til you win. He gives you Druid Magic with Fire Blast. Other group damage spells require you to win tricky fights. The initial skill points you would've had to spend on Druid Magic now went to strength, too.

    You can restart the game several times and return to give other players Druid Magic as long as(or when) they're strong enough. PC and Apple.

  2. Level Up Fights

    You can stand on the first bridge after defeating or bribing the bridge guards and hold down escape and rats will attack. They cannot do damage if you have any sort of armor and they give good experience. Just attack away.

    When you get better they will try to run away, but you can cast a spell to zap them all, and you can recharge in the slave camp.

  3. Irkalla's Realm Skill Bonus

    At the start, go to the west edge of Purgatory and pick up several Low Magic scrolls. Fight through the building below to the underworld, but before entering, sacrifice a scroll until Irkalla is pleased.

    Once she is, you can head north and east along the canyon and in the north of the second building, go 3E 2N at the door to jump in the chasm and get 5 skill points(equivalent of 2 1/2 levels) for everyone. You can restart the game to pile points up quickly.

  4. Free Chain Mail

    To get everyone free chain mail,

    1. Pick up Ulrik at the tavern.
    2. Go to the arena to fight the gladiators. Take 3 battleaxes per player.
    3. Run from the fight and visit the black market close by. Sell the axes and buy chain.
    4. Return to the fight and get more items. Flee, sell them and buy more chain. They only take your gold if you run away.

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