Dragon Warrior III (1992) Cheats For NES

  1. Parry and Act

    There is a bug in DW3 that lets you Parry (cuts ALL damage by 50%) and perform any action (attack, spell, item) in the same round. Simply select the parry command first, back up with the B button, and select the desired command.

    NOTE 1: You cannot do this with the last character in the line.
    NOTE 2: You cannod do this with the first character either, unless the first character has no magic. Put non-magic-using characters, such as a soldier, in the lead.

  2. Cheat in the Monster Arena

    You need the Silver Harp for this, which you find in the back of the shrine in Northwest Alefgard. Take the harp to any fight arena, and use it. Then talk to the ticket seller. You'll notice one of the monsters in the roster shows up as a blank spot. That one will NOT participate in the fight.

    Bet on the monster RIGHT ABOVE the one you think will win. You will win with the monster below the one you bet on wins, and you win with the that monster's odds.

    For example, say it's the Magician/Spiked Hare/Magician fight. After using the harp, it shows up as [BLANK]/Spiked Hare/Magician. If you bet on the Spiked Hare and Magician B wins, you win, with a payback based on Spiked Hare's odds.

    You can really clean up on the Bomb Crag/Man Eater Chest fight. Bet on the Bomb Crag, Man Eater Chest will automatically win, and for a 300 GP bet (level 30), you will win over 60,000 GP!

  3. Gain the first eight Hero spells without leveling up

    You can obtain the first eight magic spells for your Hero at the very beginning of the game without leveling up. To do so, first go to the eatery and register enough people to fill up the entire list. Your Hero will instantly learn the first eight spells he would have otherwise learned through leveling up.

    There is a negative side-effect to using this trick (Be careful!): If you haven't already learned the Heal and Return spells before using this trick, you won't be be able to use them outside of battle.

  4. Money-Making Trick

    This is straightforward and easy to do:

    Go to the eatery and register some soldiers. Afterwards, let them into your party and then take them out to the tool-shop and sell all of their equipment. Each soldier comes equipped with a club and leather armor, which you can sell for a total of 134 GP. You can then repeat this process as many times as you'd like.

  5. No Random Encounters (Japanese PRG1 Only)

    This cheat is only allowed in Japanese, PRG1 versions of the game. (If you are unsure of your game version, simply try this and see if it works - if not, your game is a PRG0 version.) Hold the A Button on Controller 2 on the world map and, whilst the button is held, no random encounters will be fought.

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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