Should have been a $14.99 expansion pack to Cod:WAW

I was pretty amped up to get this game. As with the previous treyarch titles, they would completely rescript the engine and add numerous features. This time i feel like they just slopped together another money maker as fast as they could. I have it for the x360 and as far as framerate goes, it runs well. But i can almost swear that MW2 had slightly better graphics as i compared them on the two of the same exact model HDTV. I feel like the textures are a little bland, and the guns look almost cartoonish? I originally got it for the PC and wow, it seems like they sold it without even testing it first! it even lagged out on my million dollar rig that can run any game on MAX no matter what, the pc version was just a disaster, i had to put my hand over my face because i was embarrased of how awful it was...It seems like they are going backwards in technology with their pc-porting skills. The ping in the server list will say 18, then you join to find out its actually 350 haha.. Come on, this is rediculous. As far as the xbox360 multiplayer ive had a great deal of fun but i totally dislike the fact that they removed stopping power. The takedown on the m-16 is just not what it used to be. And whats with the tiny round red dot sights on every gun?? i loved that large square red dot sight. Tomahawk replaces the throwing knife now (lame) and you cant look 100% at the ground or in the air anymore, only partially. Nazi zombies seemed cool at first until i came upon the gaseous crawling creatures that spew poisinous gas, now that just pissed me off. It seems a bit blown out of the water with the characters yelling ten times as much as they did in the already annoying original nazi zombies. And the rediculous guns just takes away alot of the orginality and eeryness to the original. back to multiplayer, Some weapons are just a bit stupid.. like the spring propelled knife?? wtf is that thing? and the crossbow? pretty lame if you ask me.. Spy plane??? what time zone does this game take place in? i never can really tell.

Anyway this game should have been a $14.99 expansion pack the Call of Duty: World at war