for the emperor!

oh i just love this game.chaos rising is a standalone expansion for dawn of war 2.there are many things that i like about this game.it introduces the forces of chaos into dawn of war 2 game.

-nice graphics
-the corruption mechanics allow you to equip corrupted items which are more powerful and make your squad to learn new abilities
-staying on the pure side also rewards you with cool blessed items
-the gameplay is as chaotic as ever
-level cap to 30,allowing you to learn more abilities
-you can import your dawn of war 2 saved squad and items to use them in chaos rising!cool.
-more items,for looters,added cool weapons such as lascannons,claws,etc
-the use of jonah,the psyker unit.but only for a while,though.
-liked the background music.its epic and cool.
-deep costumization,increasing its replaybility

-less side missions
-quite short campaign
-the chaos most powerful unit,(like the fire avatar for eldar),is not so cool.they should have make it into a demon lord or more cooler unit.lol.

seriously,this is way better than CnC4.im sorry.i just feeling so angry towards EA lately.

if you love dawn of war 2,you'll love this.