At last we can slash slimes on the DS.

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi DS
Oh, Dragon Quest, what would we do without your pioneering? This Chapter of the series, conveniently subtitled "Chapters of the Chosen", improves on storytelling while delivering the tried and true Dragon Quest formula. This adventure focuses on the individuality of each character in your party. No longer will you see the world only from the point of view of the silent protagonist. Now you can be a pink warrior, a fortune-teller, a princess, a fat merchant, and more. You can even "build" your own town. With a lot of items, weapons and magic, you'll be switching your characters quite a bit to obliterate slimes and beasts.

Now onto the scores:

2.0 } Gameplay -Classic RPG. You'll be in towns, caves, towers, and castles. Fight lots of monsters, save the world. Not much to say here other than it works and it's fun. Oh, and you can PRAY in a church.

2.0 } Story - In this area the game excels. There's nothing cooler than focusing on a set of characters on each chapter. The stories complement each other well if you take the time to read it and listening to what the people tells you. In this game you will laugh, and you will feel sad, and you will care for the events that unfold.

2.0 } Graphics - Am I the only one who loves the enemy sprites? They move fluently with different animation sprites for each attack. The background and world has beautiful colors and the ability to rotate in towns shines.

2.0 } Sound - Koichi Sugiyama delivers as always in the series with, rich instrumental music. The sound effects are good too.

1.0 } Replay Value - After you beat the game there is some replay value that gives it more life. After that you'll feel proud of your work but there is nothing more you can do.

9.0 } Total - If you're not careful, you can miss some hint on where to go next. Other than that, its great!

Conclusion - "Let's grind Metal Slimes"

Awesome story and characters offer a Dragon Quest experience that you can tell your grandchildren about when you are old. Just change the Hero's name to your's and you're good to go.