Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire Cheats For Wii

  1. Unlockable items

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once Long Sword

    Contributed by: n2Deepeth 

  2. Get Powers early

    At the stage select screen, Hold Z and press + to start inputing the codes. If you want to clear the codes Hold Z and press -.
    You will hear a confirmation when you do the combination to enter the codes, when you enter said codes, and when you clear them.

    Code Effect
    Swing your Nunchuck Right-> Swing your remote left-> Swing your nunchuck right while swinging your remote left->Swing both remote and nunchuck down Unlocked Double Fist power
    Swing your Wiimote Down, Up, Left, and Right Unlock Tail power
    Swing Wii-mote Right, swing Wii-mote Down, swing Nunchuck Left, swing Nunchuck Right. Get Dragon Head
    Swing Nunchuck Up + Wii-mote Up, swing Nunchuck Down + Wii-mote Down, swing Nunchuck Right + Wii-mote Left, swing Nunchuck Left + Wii-mote Right. Get Dragon Wings
    Hold + and - while selecting "New Game" or "Load Game". Hold untill select stage screen Unlock All Levels

    Contributed by: Yumility 

  3. Difficulty Cheats

    Enter the following code at the title screen:

    Code Effect
    Hold Z and 2 when selecting "New Game" EasyDifficulty
    Hold C and 2 when selecting "New Game" Hard Difficluty

    Contributed by: shadowcore76