For the first DBZ game in America, this is a total embarrassment.

User Rating: 2 | Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku GBA
Dragon Ball Z, one of the greatest animes I have ever watched. The mere thought of a video game going through part of this series would make fanboys mouths water. Sadly, we didn't think the first DBZ game ever released in America would dry us all up like the Sahara desert.

Goku controls terribly. He can only walk, and fly for a limited amount of time. He can punch, but his punches have almost no range whatsoever, and can only throw basic energy blasts at first. Also, he can get killed by wolves. The strongest guy on the planet, can GET KILLED BY FRIGGIN' WOLVES. You complete awful side missions in order to unlock two other techniques, the Solar Flare, and the Kamehameha Wave. Solar Flare can stun enemies for a couple of seconds, while the Kamehameha Wave can only cover a short range, which is a complete joke.

All of the bosses patterns are exactly the same, and no variety sucks, especially in a game with this many characters with many different abilities.

Overall, a terrible start to a great franchise. It can't get any worse, right?