Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 Cheats For DS

  1. Three Person Combos

    There are certain combinations of characters that allow three people to perform a Team Super Attack instead of just two. Here are some of the combos...
    *Trunks(Super), Vegeta(Super), and Gotenks(Super 3)
    *Goku, Gohan(Super 2), and Bardock
    *Frieza, Cell(Perfect), and Buu(Evil)
    *Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta
    I'm guessing that there are more Three Person Combos out there, so try to find some other combinations!

    Contributed by: jaymoon136 

  2. Secret three person team attack

    Select the characters: Gohan (teen), Goku (SS) and Gotenks (SS3) and raise ki percentage to 200 before pressing the 'Team Arts' button.

    Contributed by: megaboiOG 

  3. Unlockables

    There are a few things that you can unlock in this game. They involve beating certain modes.

    Code Effect
    Beat all three ranks in Maximum Mode Vegeta (Evil)
    Beat one round of Z Battle Maximum Mode
    Complete Maximum Mode(Hard) Maximum Mode(Mania)
    Complete Maximum Mode(Novice) Maximum Mode(Hard)
    Complete Last Level of Gohan Story Super Saiyan 2 Gohan(DP6)
    Complete the 2 Barrdock Levels in Goku Story Bardock(SP)
    Complete Last Level of Gotenks Story Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks(DP7)
    Complete Last Level of Frieza Story Mecha Frieza(DP3)
    Beat the map where you fight broly in goku's story. Broly
    Beat every mode Infinite Dragon Power
    Beat Frieza's "Time in the Other World" Stage. Mecha Frieza
    Beat Buu's "Best Friend" Stage. Hercule
    Beat Goku's "Showdown: Core/Cooler" Stage. Goku (Super Saiyan)
    Beat Vegeta's "Battle of Namek" Stage. Ginyu
    Beat Kid Gohan's "Golden Warrior" Stage. Gohan (Teen)
    Beat Gohan's "Ambition" Stage. Dr. Gero
    Beat Goku's "Enraged Warriors" Stage. Frieza
    Beat Piccolo's "Cooler's Armored Squad" Stage. Dende
    Beat Buu's "The Gate to the Other World" Stage. Dabura
    Beat Frieza's "A Battle of Blood Relations" Stage. Cooler
    Beat Cell (Second Form)'s "Cell Jr." Stage. Cell Jr.
    Beat Dr. Gero's "18, Activate" Stage. Cell (Second Form)
    Beat Cell's Complete Body: Successful!" Stage. Cell (Complete)
    Beat Gotenks' "Super Buu Has Emerged!" Stage. Buu (Good)
    Beat Vegeta's "Evil Discovered" Stage. Babidi
    Beat Krillin's "Differences in Experience" Stage. Android #18
    Beat Android #18's "16's Agitation" Stage. Androids #16 and #17
    Beat Frieza's "Frieza's Irritation" Stage. Zarbon and Dodoria
    Beat Vegeta's "Vegeta vs Android 18" Stage. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
    Beat Trunks' "Time Machine" Stage. Trunks (Super Saiyan)
    Beat Krillin's "Revived! The Ginyu Force" Stage. Tien and Yamcha
    Beat Buu's "Best Friend" Stage. Super Buu
    Beat Cooler's "Big Gette Star" Stage. Metal Cooler
    Beat Ginyu's "That Hurts, Shenron!" Stage. Shenron
    Have SSJ Vageta and Babadi on the same team Majin Vageta

    Contributed by: kirby22003 

  4. 1 Extra Support Use

    Watch the credits once all the way through. Wait a few seconds during the black screen and you will unlock the use of 1 extra support.

    Code Effect
    Watch the credits all the way through without backing out. 1 Extra Support Use
    Go through the Tutorial and complete all the exercises to get an extra support use. 1 Extra Support Use
    Complete "Z Battle Mode" once. 1 Extra Support Use
    100% completion in story mode, finish all levels for every character. 1 Extra Support Use

    Contributed by: nDyAles 

  5. Unlock Supprot Character ''Neko Majin Z'' (JP Version)

    Z (the cat trained by Son Goku featured in the parody manga 'Neko Majin Z') can be unlocked as an extra support character by:

    - Completing 'Z Battle Mode' at least once
    - Completing all 60 battles in 'Maximum' mode (Novice, Hard, Mania)
    - On the 'Mode Select' screen, press: Up, X, Down, Y, L, R, L, R, Start
    - When selecting a support character, hold R and press A

    Contributed by: VegettoEX 

  6. Extra DP

    Perform these operations in the Maximum Mode in order to get more DP.

    Code Effect
    Complete 5~6 levels Increases your DP by 1
    Complete the Novice Mode Increases your DP by 1
    Complete the Hard Mode Increases your DP by 2
    Complete the Mania Mode Increases your DP to infinite

    Contributed by: Mykas0 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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