Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Character unlock

    Follow the instructions below

    Code Effect
    Put Goku in your team when fighting Androids 16 and 18 Android 16
    Defeat him as Android 20 Android 17
    Put Krillin in the first position when you fight Androids 16 and 18 Android 18
    Defeat him as SSJ Vegeta Android 19
    Defeat him as Android 19 Android 20
    Defeat Guldo as Krillin To unlock Guldo
    Defeat Recoome as Goku To unlock Recoome
    Defeat them as Goku - you can have Y.Gohan help you in this fight To unock Burter and Jeice
    Defeat Ginyu Goku and Jeice as Vegeta - NOTE: You can have Anyone help you in this fight To unlock Captain Ginyu
    Defeat Goku as Captain Ginyu To unlock Ginyu Goku
    Have SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta. Play Trunks' Ex Stories and read all the fliers on the wall.
    At the last screen after beating the game, press start rapidly
    Unlock Vegeto
    Win Goten vs. Trunks Unlock Goten
    Lose Goten vs. Trunks Unlock Trunks
    Fight Evil Buu Adult Gohan
    For Adult Gohan SSJ2 you will have to win the fight in story27 with Adult Gohan SSJ. Unlock Super Saiyan2 Gohan
    When Training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, go to the jar in the bottom left corner, and grab whats in there. Then, even though it says its empty, just keep looking, and you'll get a Escape Trunks card. Then just get to the Cell Games. Unlock Future Trunks
    Beat the first form of cell with Piccolo Cell
    Defeat Android 17 with the first form of Cell Cell 2
    Put Cell 2 in the first slot for the fight against androids 16 and 18 Perfect Cell
    On Namek, when the Namekian attacks you, pick <b>left</b>. He'll be unlocked right before you face Ginyu and Jeice. Or...talk to Vegeta twice looking for Android 20, then speak to Tien. Vegeta Normal
    After you unlock Vegeta Normal, he'll be selectable at the Android Saga. Vegeta Super Saiyan
    As Super Saiyan2 Goku, lose to Majin Vegeta once, fight him again and he'll be unlocked under Vegeta. Majin Vegeta
    To unlock Cell Jr., defeat him as Perfect Cell Unlock Cell Jr.
    Beat the Future Stages with only SSJ Future Trunks and beat the game, he will be availeble in the next storymode. Unlock Evil King Piccolo
    Have SSJ Goten and SSJ Young Trunks. Play Trunks' Ex Stories and read all the fliers on the wall.
    At the last screen after beating the game, press start rapidly.
    Unlock Gotenks
    Use Young Trunks(normal)to beat fat buu. A blue screen comes up saying you unlocked him. NOTE: If you unlock Young Trunks the same time through you have to beat the game again. Unlock Fat Buu
    Play through the game as normal until you get to Cell's first form.Use Piccolo and lose once then continue and Piccolo-Kami will be on your character select screen. Unlock Piccolo-Kami
    Win fight in ex. story 1 with Android 19 and 20 Future Android 17 and 18
    Defeat Nappa as Piccolo Unlock Nappa
    To unlock him in story 30 on the first time through the game, unlock <b>ALL</b> of the Z Fighters up to story 30 and play Future Trunks' story. Unlock Goku Super Saiyan 3
    Play with Future Super Saiyan Trunks Cell Jr
    Defeat Frieza as Super Saiyan Future Trunks Unlock Frieza

    Contributed by: BanjoKazooie 

  2. Unlock all the Evil Buu Forms

    Follow the instructions below - you must unlock the below in order.

    Code Effect
    Defeat as Fat Buu Evil Buu
    Defeat as Regular Gotenks Evil Buu - Absorbed Gotenks
    Defeat as SSJ Gohan Evil Buu - Absorbed Gohan

    Contributed by: BanjoKazooie 

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