Not as good as TLOG 2, but a decent ending to the DBZ portable video game storyline.

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury GBA
Buu's Fury brings a few new perks to the table, making more like an RPG than ever before.

Each time your characters level up you can choose which stats to increase: Speed, Power, Health, etc. Also, you can find articles of clothing to also manipulate your stats to your liking. You can also upgrade each of their special energy attacks. New to this game is the ability to fuse characters. The fusions last only 5 minutes, but the increase in power and speed will plow you through waves of enemies in no time at all.

It's extremely easy, and the combat can get extremely repetitive. However, the control is still good, and the music is quite upbeat, which more than make up for the negatives of this game. I'm still looking for the greatest portable DBZ experience, and I'm hoping it will arrive soon.