Takes what Guitar Hero started to the next level

Ok to get this out of the way yes I also own Guitar Hero and yes I believe Rock Band is better.
Pros- Takes the mechanics from Guitar Hero and builds on them
Awesome soundtrack to play
Drums are way better than anything...EVER

Cons- parts can be fragile (got mine at Christmas and the guitar broke about at New Years took 1 whole month to get back) :(
if you don't know the words you can't sing it PERIOD
takes about 5 hours to finish on easy or medium

So you see Rock Band for about $170 give or take. Now your thinking WTF but dont it is only $90 bucks more than Guitar Hero 3 for triple the package. You get a Guitar (duh) a drum set and a mic. That means 3 friends to rock with. Plus theres a second guitar (sold separately) or you can go online with 3 people. But there is a catch some parts are fragile like the kick pedal and guitar so be careful. Finally if you'll looking for a long solo career Which is depressing and stupid. The name is multiplayer hear it roar.

One last note on the 360 ONLY you CAN use the Guitar Hero controller! so if you do own a 360 Guitar Hero guitar you can just buy a drum set which is now sold separately so rejoice Xbox 360 owners rejoice.