Simply The Best Since the Original.

I was browsing though a few game choices and i came across a favorite series. I bought the game and hre is what i think.


First off the Graphics are incredible and the game hasent changed much. Fast pased shooter with a furturistic background.

Much of what people loved is still in the game. Including game modes, weapons, classes, and places. The weapons that stayed in was the Shock Rifle,the Enforcer, Bio-Rifle, THe Chaingun/Gattlink, the Flak Cannon, and og course the Rocket Laucher.

While many of the weapons are changed alot most stay the same. A few changes went into the Shock and Bio rifle, But the weapon that the most changes went into was the rocket launcher. While it still had the optiont o shoot 1-per load the rocket launcher went though a lot of workings. In the original it could be loaded up with 1-6 rockets or grenades. Now its shoots 1 or all 3 at a time.

The newest thing to it is the Vehicles. While they are avilable only in one mode it is many a thousands favorite mode. There are 3 vehicles. The lighter faster one. The Medium Tank Like Crawler and the massive 3 legged walker. Each has its advantage each has a disadvantage. Its pretty evened out. The vehilces look incredible along with the background and there quite easy to use.

Overall this is defintaly a game you should treasure.