This game was great and i enjoyed the new style of gameplay!

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi PS2
This game was a total shocker. I thought it was going to be horrible because they make a great game then they make a bad one. And with the new 3d style i thoughe it was going to be bad! But suprisingly i fouund it to be an AWSOME GAME! I recomend it to all and all DBZ fans out there! The catch is its for no new comer you have to be good with the controller because you'll be upset when you get blasted and dont know how to block of dodge. The controllers are really hard to learn once you get it its easy kinda but you have to memorize them WELL!!! I defonatly say go out there and buy it! its totaly worth it you'll love it!