Pokemon FireRed version brings back the old with a new coat of paint.

User Rating: 8 | Pokemon FireRed Version GBA
(+) good visuals, addictive as ever, wireless adapter included for easier battling and trading, lot more too do than before, two Pokemon battles is a nice new twist

(-) same story as Pokemon red

Pokemon FireRed starts out with your character becoming a Pokemon trainer and seeing professor Oak to get your first Pokemon. You have a rival which will compete with you in becoming the champion. The game has a leveling system in which as you battle with your Pokemon they will level up increasing their stats and eventually evolving into a stronger version of themselves. There are over 300 of them on this game and you will have to learn the strengths and weaknesses of them in order to get far into the game and knowing them just makes it a bit easier.

All of your Pokemon can learn up to four moves that can be used in battle leveling opens up new opportunities of learning some new moves also Tms and Hms can be obtained when progressing through the game which teaches the selected Pokemon the move that you choose certain Pokemon types can learn different moves so having variety in your group of Pokemon is important.

New things that were added in this game are like the ability to face any trainer almost at any time you like when you get the VS seeker also you can now battle with two Pokemon at a time when you face two people at once but, there aren't nearly enough of these fights in the game. The sounds are a little bit better than before and the animations for the moves are good as well.

The game also has a wireless adapter so that you can trade, chat, and face your friends without a link cable so if you are looking for a good Pokemon game for the GameBoy Advance pick up Pokemon FireRed