An encouraging stunt from Lionhead

Being addicted to the original, The Movies, this little extra expansion does increase the lifespan of the game somewhat more or less, but, in my own personal opinion, all these extra gizmos, stunts and scenes they've added, they could've all been included in the very first version.

Don't go reading between the lines here. The expansion pack does come in handy when you want a special scene where your moviestar has to fall off a tall building or get blasted into thin air by a powerful explosion (or the flying vehicle scenes which I personally like very much)

And I like the way they changed the system so that old movies you've done and haven't exported, but would like to export, you now have that possibility in the movie player, in the game menu.

Not much changed graphics wise (none that I have noticed anyway..)
Except for the few new sets they've put in (blue-screen, green-screen, scrolling landscape etc..)

Overall, I'm still waiting for an expansion where there is a FULL-freecam mode, where you can locate the camera ANYWHERE Y-O-U wanna put it... As of now, the freecam doesn't quite live up to the hype it's been raved about... Only being able to decide the distance between the actor and the cam is not what I had in mind with the freecam...

So...as a conclusion...
Stunts & Effects doesn't give a disappointing experience, no no, but it doesn't deserve a full score either...unfortunately