A good game, nothing more

While this may not be the best racing game that you may have played, this is a wonderful game nonetheless. There is no specific objective in the game. The game features one of the finest Porsche cars, and slickest locales. The graphics of the game are quite decent, but the game engine is one of the finest of its time. The physics are also quite good, as it should be for a racing game. Along with the standard single player quick races, the game features evolution mode which allows the player to play a series of races, buying cars for racing them in the quick race mode. In the factory driver mode, you are put in the shoes of a test driver for Porsche, where you perform various stunts to win customized Porsche cars. The game features one of the best locales in the world such as Corsica, Autobahn, Côte d'Azur and Schwarzwald. The sound effects of the game are pretty decent. The music of the game is pretty much nonexistent.
A good game, but better games are available. I would recommend you to check your bargain bin for this one.