The shame...

Now, I knew what to expect. I knew this was an old classic PC game that was ported to the DS with snazzy new touch controls. However, I had know idea how broken and buggy this poor, sweet classic was.

As a Rollercoaster Tycoon player of 9 years, I knew what made not only a good sim, but a good amusement park sim. I was under the impression that this simulation classic had stood the test of time because of what it had to offer. While I really wasn't expecting much, Theme Park turned out to be a down-right dreadful experience.

After a charming first impression, it's all downhill. The gameplay is shockingly tedious, and the park goals are both uninteresting and frustrating. So many things about this game; strange price inflation, single camera view, elusive lost guests that are impossible to find, uninspired "negotiation" touch screen feature, constant nagging from your "apprentice", unnecessary gameplay stifling (1 coaster per park; exploding rides), and so much more, detract from this game and make it impossible to enjoy.

Aside from introducing a new species of gaming, the only credit that Theme Park has earned is what is gained from a trip down memory lane.