A Solid game for any fan

Game Name: Resident Evil: Outbreak

Platforms Available:PS2

Platform Played On:PS2

Concept/Storyline:You pick one of eight survivors of the outbreak in Raccoon City and play as them in this game.The basic concept is to just make it out of the city alive.You go through A Bar,Hospital,And the city streets along with a few other places in the process of doing so.I haven't finished it or 4 or code veronica x yet but what i do know i will talk about in a little bit.Also this game is not for the impatient kind that like to break things trust me.

Graphics:The graphics are pretty good for a resident evil game and we also have to take into account this game was made before Resident Evil 4 so that alone tells us that the graphics have to be looked at for what they were in the time they were made not for todays standards because that would just be unfair to compare it to a great game like Resident Evil 4.So in short the graphics were great for the time and still are.

Sound:The sound is enjoyable it really adds to the overall feel of the game.The moaning in the background and screams of people being eaten alive adds to the creepy feel of playing this game at night time with no lights on and the door shut.If you are to scared to do so i guess playing it in the day might be ok as well.

Control:Ok so lets be honest for a second.Were the controls any good before 4 came out?No and it shows here.The controls were always kinda clunky and sticky resulting in uneeded deaths at times when you couldn't find a typewriter in any rooms to save the game.By the way for anybody who didn't know you use those in the game to save the game but you have to find ink ribbons as well.If you find ink ribbons usally there will be a typewriter nearby.Well anyways I think the controls were always a minor setback anyways that can be gotten used to and looked past after a while.So if you are a fan of Resident Evil expect more of the same in the controls area.But that is agian just a minor setback once you get used to the controls things will be just fine.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is a major feature.You can't just run in shooting anything that moves.You see in this resident evil for the first time you can use melee weapons like broom handols or led pipes or things of that nature.Anyways don't waste ammo because you don't find it often.I find that the best way to avoid packs of them isn't to empty led in the brain sucki9ng morons it is simply to run around them to where you need to get.actually you can go through the entire game this way but what fun would that be?Anyways the gameplay is fun and sometimes addictive.

My Opinion: This game is fun.But only play it if you are a fan of resident evil games otherwise you will hate it.It takes a special type of gamer to get into these games namely the kind with alot of time on thier hands and enough will power to want to win bad enough to go through all of the things thrown at them.

Final Score:8/10

Extra Notes:This game is actuslly real cheap by itself but I would just get it in the essentials set thats how I got it like i said in the review of 4 it is only twenty some dollars for the set and it contains three games.