Been following this game for months since im a BIG FPS fan but sadly,i was dissapointed....

The first time i saw this game was 6 months ago,been follwoing it ever since,was waiting for it for cause Battlefield is a few months away and crysis still aint out yet,anyways,for SINGLE PLAYER:
The story is very interesting,not what u see very often,could have been a great game but it feels like they just wanted to get it over with.The visuals are barely average,voice acting is pretty good but the sound effects especially gunfire is totally off-putting,it sounds like a freaking toy,and not the good one's,the gameplay mechanics are so so,nothing new,not much variety is all i can say. I will give it a barely earned 6/10 for sp campaign.
For MP:
The most off putting thing in the MP was the gun sound,i mean when u shoot some u want it to sound like a freaking gun,not like how it sounds when u throw pebbles in a tin.Other then that,the maps are huge,u can earn uavs and stuff like that even if u die so its a good thing for noobs,its a lil complicated,leveling up and wanting to unlock is fun,but not much variety in the gun section as i have said before,basically,if ur a BIG fps fan,then go for it,but i will stick with Bad company 2.
Really dissapointed in this game,i expected a lot....