Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is an excellent achievement with its funny characters and fun filled adventure.

Well well well Mario is back AGAIN and hes skinnier than ever Nintendo wanted to change the series by making the world of Mario paper. Well the story takes place of Mario finding Princess Peach and looking for treasure on The Thousand Year Door. There will be some unforgettable characters as you meet on your quest. There is no voice acting for the characters but the subtitles are so descriptive that you can imagine of how this character would sound if he had a voice. Of course as any Mario game there will always be lots of adventure but very different indeed. This time Nintendo wanted to change the gameplay they wanted to make it an RPG and it works perfectly the enemies and bosses are funny and it will take a bit of a challenge to defeat. The world of Paper Mario is excellent it feels like a Mario game even though he is made of paper. But making Mario paper might be a problem to the fans it doesnt affect me but some people wouldnt want to see their favorite plumber in the world made out of paper , but still there is no reason why not to buy this game. The enviroments are beautiful and big enemies await and you will always habe new ones. The stroy is simple and the task is long and lenghty just as any Mario game. This one is the best of the Mario series you will be happy to see your number 1# plumber in the world. The gameplay is good and so is the graphics in the game. You dint have to be a Mario fan to play this game you actually have to be an RPG fan to enjoy it. Overall Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is worth a buy no matter how he looks like.