Possible Undocumented/Unlisted Changes to the HD Versions

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Reason why I thought I would bring this up is because I possess Budokai 1 for the Gamecube (never owned Budokai 3 due to no Gamecube version out there) and it originally required two separate memory cards to even play custom for two players. I have a feeling that change involves playing within a single hard drive at least for Budokai 1 when playing two players. For Budokai 3, I assume it will be ported with less work (since I have played Budokai 2 for the Gamecube and it only required one memory card to play custom) compared to Budokai 1. That is possible change I could think of. Off-Topic: And yes, I plan to get the HD collection (for the Xbox 360 since we do have such a console) once it is out to get a chance to play Budokai 3 (been waiting for years for the Gamecube version that never came out which probably had something to do with the control scheme). While I already own Budokai 1 for the Gamecube, wouldn't hurt to get it again. On-Topic again: For anyone who owned Budokai 1 and/or 3 for the PS2 or the first game for the Gamecube, feel free to think about possible changes (which there are probably too few to list, but still of importance).
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the only change im serious sad about is the soundtrack. They had to replace the entire soundtrack for each game (or maybe just BK3, i dot remember if it was both) and thats a big blow to me.

BK3 had really good music, its going to feel so weird having something else. I played BK3 so much I pretty much know all of the songs and themes for each menu, event and story element. Im always humming/playing them in my head almost every day.

I dont care about the intro, I always thought the intro in K3 was weak, but man.....the music in that game really captured the show so well and that feeling of the DBZ universe, really good. Most DBZ games after that, just had funky karate music, or too happy fighting music.

BK1 had great music too, but they use one song for like 5 different thing, cuz they didnt have alot of veriety in the soundtrack. BUT the music in the cutsecnes were perfect:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N7HorqsB38&feature=relmfu

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only things so far i have noticed is the graphics and the song intro
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You can't change it into english