Replacement for UMK3 and MK Trilogy?

So out of all the previous releases of Mortal Kombat, the best up till 2010 was UMK3 and MK Trilogy. I personally could not end a day without playing a ladder on MK Trilogy. The moves, specials and fatalities set this beat-em-up aside from the rest. Some nights I had buddies over and we would spend hours playing 8 on 8.

When midway brought out the first MK for PS2, it was a huge disappointment. The moves where reduced, characters taken out and replaced with characters that no one played with. Lu Kang, the hero of Mortal Kombat, not a playable character? These are just a few things that was a real upset.

Since then the MK series grew and every time a new title was out, it was an improvement in graphics sound and animation. But where was the core of mortal kombat? The vast finishing moves, the ability to take away half your opponents hp with a single combo, brutalities, animalities, babalities, friendships? 3 Titles and only fatalities and stupid stage fatalities that can happen during a fight making the round short and using it as a cheat to quickly beat your opponent.

So after all 3 titles on the ps2 and 1 on the ps3, is the latest version of mortal kombat as good as what it was when it was still 2D?

In my opinion YES it does. This title is the result of all the trial and errors of the previous console versions. The graphics are brilliant, the speed is fantastic, fatalities are gruesome and they are all there. The combos are really good, and if you bash your buttons hard enough, you might win the match. The online part of this makes it even better. Its fun to have you buddies over and having endless fun, you can now challenge players all over the world and share techniques.

Although this game is the best in the series, I would have liked to have the old characters available like: human smoke, motaro, kintaro and scared Sub-Zero, and also not have the fatalities listed in the move list. It was always fun looking up the fatalities online and then show your bragging about it.

The MK team really perfected this game. Each character has his/her own unique story which brings the game to life and makes it more than just a classic beat-em-up.

This game is a must have and definitely one that I will play everyday.