1st RPG I've ever defeated on the PC and had to come back for more!

User Rating: 10 | Dragon Age: Origins (Collector's Edition) PC
I have Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Risen and just got Kingdoms of Amalur. I played a few other games but all seemed repetitive. I got into Risen for a while but got bored with it after I put in cheat codes and saw how boring the maxed out player is. I thought Oblivion's character models were gross so I didn't get into that. I did OK on Neverwinter 2 but I didn't like their mode of storytelling. Fallout 3 was pretty awesome and I enjoyed it, Skyrim's world could have had me fighting Denver the dinosaur and I still would have enjoyed it because of the world. I just recently purchased Amalur and I think it's a beautiful world with an adequate storytelling and amazing combat but I do not feel immersed in the game. I came back to DAO just to play again because I didn't go far in Awakening.

When I purchased Awakening I was climbing up the ranks of BFBC2 and I just didn't have time to play both. Now I've returned and I can say that my additional RPG experience has helped me the way I play this game. I think the world and lore are top notch, the story-telling is obnoxiously awesome, the tactical combat is perfect I feel. I play as a rogue with the same characters that are in the cgi trailer, other than Sten. I tank with Allistair, range with Morrigan, range and stun with Lilliana, and I use my rogue as a perpetual stealthy backstaber. I just love the choices and I feel like I'm playing a 150 hour movie where I make the choices. I did play 10 hours of DA2 and I was slightly disappointed though I feel like DA3 will be bioware's repentance. If you haven't played this rpg, give it 10 hours and you'll be hooked. Elven rogues on either path are awesome in my opinion.