Even years after its release Dragon Age: Origins is still such an amazing experience to play through.

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Age: Origins (Collector's Edition) PC
Dragon Age: Origins... What you are seeing here is probably the best story-driven rpg in the world. The game has a fantastic story with fantastic characters that actually are interesting. There are so much believable emotions and personalities in this game that even the best movies have a hard competition with this game.
That being said there are things in this game that is not so fantastic and there are things that are just above average but the whole package is fantastic indeed. The game suffers from bugs and glitches that lowers the score for this a well 10 deserved game otherwise. Even after their latest patch it still has problems that i will mention further down.

Instead of you having to read a whole bunch of text ill just form up a list of whats good and whats bad about this game.

+ Interesting characters with lots of dialogs and options to choose from.
+ The story alone is what makes this game a diamond.
+Things you do or say in the game changes your gameplay and experience.
+ Every hero you choose to be has its own beginning and it sometimes matters if youre a man or a woman.
+ There are plenty of weapons and armors to choose and they are not all specified to each classes. (A few are though) So your customization is vast!
+ Abilities and spells are very fun and near at hand and are easy to use
+ Tactics is an excellent way to customize each and every team members behavior.
+ Over 40 hours of gameplay. (If you do all the secondary stuff)
+ The game rewards you for exploration and to be on the look out. There are plenty of books, objects and loots that gives you extra quests and sometimes rewards you with unique equipment.
+ You can build up relationships with your teammates and even find love if you want. And the game rewards you for talking to them, give them gifts and show your interest to them.
+ Combat is smooth, the AI is good for about maybe 90% of the time and the animations looks very good.
+ Excellent voice acting, facial expressions, hand movements and everything. It fits so perfectly.
+ Detailed graphics that looks great with maximum settings. These graphics are indeed timeless.

- The game suffers from a memory bug. The more you play the game the more your computers memory gets over-loaded and frame rate drops vastly when there are many enemies and the loading times takes longer and longer the more you play. Restarting the game solves this problem but it its a pain to do.
- The ending is a giant bug and glitch fest. I can max everything graphic-wise but combine the insane amount of enemies in the end with the memorybug and you have a painful delay on everything that pretty much kills the experience. For som strange reason every regular enemy dies with one hit no matter how low damage you do but the elite enemies works normally. And when they spawn they just stand still and do nothing. And when you hit an enemy it can take 5 seconds for a damage reaction.
- The corpses takes sometimes forever to show its droppings. (Memory bug) This happens all the time after playing for a while without restarting the game.
- The game is a bit too linear sometimes with a basic "start and goal" with only one way to go. Just a small minus though.
- Places are reused plenty of times and it makes you travel between the same places witch can take long time especially with the memorybug. (Secondary quests suffers from it at least) And running from place to place can be a pain in the **** sometimes especially in Orzammar.

To sum it all up. The game is a 10/10 from the beginning to 90% forward but ends up with a 9/10 because of the problems at the end.