Once you Start Understanding the Game, You will Hardly Pull yourself Out of it! One of the best RPG Specially for PC.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dragon Age: Origins (Collector's Edition) PC
IMPORTANT : If you are a fan of real time strategy games like dota,hon,LoL or world of warcraft, then this game is for you Keeping in mind that it is an impressive RPG and if you are not fan of these kinds of games or you hate this genre then avoid it.

Let me start by quoting that this game is not for everyone specially people who like FPS or hack n slash only, This is for true RPG and RTS fans and specially those gamers who are very skilled and good in RTS may enjoy this game alot, It has many resemblense To RTS games.It is my First RPG game from bioware and also the best one yet. Here is my whole review of PC version:

Although the graphics of the game might look old but thanks to PC that it pulls out all beautiful visuals of the game to life, Note that I am saying PC because I also played Xbox360 version of the game and it is very bad port specially in terms of graphics but PC version surpasses it more superbly.There are some minor bugs in the game like when viewing from top camera angle their are some minor visuals quirk and few textures pop-ups but I am astonished to see that this game even in Dx9 looks more beautiful if anti-alaising to maximum is enabled, The resolution is set to high. The character sometimes look so unrealistic due to facial expressions which sometimes make me feel dis-appointed but overall graphics and character Customization in Specially PC version are too good.

STORY: 9.5/10
Dragon age has the best story to offer that any RPG game hardly have it.I am not gonna spoil the story due to it depends upon Races.Each and every decesion taken in game is very important and story goes according to it. Their are some moments when you have to encounter some hard decesions in which game is based upon. The Endings of the game are also based Upon your decesion. Every decesion lets you go through different endings. One more thing I liked about this game is that the story also depends upon different races and classes in dragon age, you can be human, Elf, Dwarf e.t.c and each of them have their own plot but similar and connected to them.

The best Part of the game as well as the PC version, The PC version Gameplay and combat system is different From Console versions and I Proudly say that PC version combat system is much easier and fluid then Console Systems.As I already said that its more likely and RTS game, you can choose your allies or your hero and cast different Spells with them or engage them in combat to any enemy you want, the spell variety are very impressive specially the Force frield which will make you immune to everything, The most impressive and unique system in dragon age is Pause system. By pausing the game in between combat, You can Easily strategize the whole scenerio as you want and thanks to PC version for having Top Camera angle which will make it More Helpful to make strategy in between Combat. Apart from combat the inventory system and other stuff are also cool and even you can give gifts to your allies to make them happy or satisfy them to become your loyal member.

SOUND: 8.5/10
Its good for this game but the only reason to write sound paragraph is for superb voice acting even in bad facial expressions, The voice acting looks very realistic and sounds of Darkspawn and other creatures are well implemented.The music is just so so but overall its very good.

OVERALL: 9.5/10
ITs a very long game but the more you explore the more you love, It is one of the best RPG ever produced for PC in years.Its a true mark of masterpiece and very satisfying game. Last but not the least if you have both High end gaming PC and a console then definetely go for PC version, It well worth it and best version among all with minor problems.

Thanks for Reading my Review