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User Rating: 8.5 | Dragon Age: Origins (Collector's Edition) PC
Dragon Age is a fantasy RPG, as they always are, developed by Bioware, and Bioware knows how to make a kick-ass story.

From all the positive things there are in the game the story is really the best. The universe is wast and enjoyable and it sucks you in, the characters are believable and make you care for their background and the share amount of epicness is amazing. To the rest of the game, the graphics are pretty good, the reflection of the different textures is beautiful and the detail of blood on your equipment after every battle is just awesome. The sound is amazing and the voiceover is rich and enjoyable to hear, which is important if you have a good story. And another thing about this game is that it's really big, which can be it's main problem since you can end up playing one mission for several hours which does become boring.

Now about the gameplay. You can chose one of the three classes (your typical warrior, mage and rouge) and further you can select two of the four specializations. You are joined by three companions at the time and you can switch between your companions in the camp. Playing this game is like playing chess, you select which character attacks which target and then further micromanage, usually after using the pause button. Maybe this doesn't sound interesting but combine it with the rich RPG elements and lots of abilities, you will have one hell of a chess game.

This game is a great RPG, it's big and can pull you in for a quite long time, however the long missions combined with the chess-like gameplay does become repetitive. There is much more to say about this game but it's too big and i really need to go to bed.

Pros: BIG game, Rich RPG elements, Story, Great voiceover, interesting world

Cons: Too long missions, gameplay can become a drag after a while.