Amazing game never create before! RPG lover don't miss this.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dragon Age: Origins (Collector's Edition) PC
Let me list out the amazing part of the game.

1. The customization of your character
2. Different Beginning gameplay for each class
3. Skill hot-key is friendly
4. Good character development system which you can see the way of your companion reply you when you reach certain point of relationship.
5. Storyline is attractive & full of excitement
6. Combat system, pause mode to allow you to arrange strategic toward different opponent and you gonna need it when you fight the tough bosses.
7. Graphic is acceptable.
8. Soundtrack is epic in the game
9. Choices affect the games
10. Great world exploration is more than 10 place for you to explore.
11. you can control your companion if you want to or your character fall during the battle.

Bad part of the game (is minor issue).
1. Sometime you skip too much scene or dialog, it will repeat again.
2. Combat system is slow (if you choose 2 handed weapon is even slower)
3. Certain place can't be revisited.
4. If you miss to recruit certain party member at that time, then you gonna miss them forever as they die.
5. Autosave system, if you depend on the autosave sometime at certain place have a tough fight & you dead the autosave won't bring back there instead you may have to skip all the cutscene & etc