I was hooked from the start

User Rating: 10 | Dragon Age: Origins (Collector's Edition) PC
Dragon Age:Origins has a special place in my heart. When I first started playing it I just couldn't stop! I had to, obviously, but it was so hard for me. It was like when I'm reading an awesome book and I can't put it down. I'm guessing the storyline plays a big part in my obsession with Dragon Age; the characters are so well done and their backgrounds are awesome! You just keep wanted more and more. I also love the romances (Alistair is my first pixel love!).
I just got sucked into the game. I cheered when the Arch Demon died (yes, I actually cheered out loud, lol).
I love the tactic thing and that you can pause. It (and the storyline) made me actually think and not just chap chop DIE, FIEND!
I'm hoping DA3 will have the same great storyline. Thank you Bioware for making such an epic game! It will always be on my top 3.