Able to change team members mid-quest?

#1 Posted by craigkelleigh (327 posts) -

Hi - I am currently doing the scared ashes quest - and I am about half way through the Ruined Temple area.....


I am finding that my team mates are getting regularly injured and I have run out of injury kits to heal them......


I want to pop back to my camp to heal them - but does that mean that when I go back to the ruined temple location I will have to start right from the start again (and this might mean that all of the enemies will re-spawn?)


If I do head back to the camp I also want to change a couple of team memebers  - but again i might face the same problem of having to re-do alot of the ruined temple map.....


any ideas?



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Don't worry, the enemies won't respawn, you won't have to fight them again. After you get to a certain point in the dungeon, you emerge in an open area where you can change party members and take a shortcut back to the starting area. If your party is getting injured so much, maybe you could try doing some other quests, level up and come back later when you're a bit stronger? Or if you have a spirit healer, make sure they have Cleansing Aura, a spell that heals injuries.