Downhill Domination Cheats For PS2

  1. Unlock the $50,000 Protobike

    During gameplay, beat all the levels in Super Career and in every Specialized Career with every rider. Then create 4 tournaments of 12 races each, and beat all 4 custom tournaments with every rider. Now beat all 13 races in Arcade mode with every rider. You should then have more than enough money to buy a $50,000 Protobike. Beat the Incog Time in the Race vs. Incog's Best Time Time Trial in every level with every rider. Doing all of this correctly, and in the correct order will win you a Free $50,000 Protobike with all Upgraded parts, max out all the rider's stats for every rider, and max the stats of all Bikes you have unlocked with each rider. This code also unlocks the Sheep, Deer, and Llama bikes, all the Bike Upgrades, all the Bonus Purchases, and the 3 bonus levels, Free of charge.

    Contributed by: jonnybegood1213 

  2. Unlockable Characters

    You must accomplish these game requirements

    Code Effect
    Beat specialized mountian cross career Eric Carter
    Beat arcade Tara Lianes
    Beat specialized freeride career Richie Schley
    Beat specialized mountian cross career on hardcore Brain Lopes
    Beat specialized technical downhill career Missy Glove
    Beat specialized freestyle career. Drud
    Beat super career with a fantasy rider, and then beat it again with a different fantasy rider. Rakel
    Have a War of the Monsters save file on your memoy card. Kineticlops

    Contributed by: bill larsen 

  3. Rider Clips

    Complete any event in career with the listed rider to unlock their pro video if they are an actual pro or a special movie if they are only a character. There video clip will be in the options menu or you can press "Square" when selecting a character.

    Code Effect
    Complete any career mode with Brian Lopes Brian Lopes' video clip
    Complete any career mode with Drud Drud's video clip
    Complete any career mode with Eric Carter Eric Carter's video clip
    Complete any career mode with Missy Glove Missy Glove's video clip
    Complete any career mode with Rakel Rakel's video clip
    Complete any career mode with Richie Schley Richie Schley's video clip
    Complete any career mode with Tara Lianes Tara Lianes' video clip
    Complete any career mode with Cosmo Cosmo's video clip
    Complete any career mode with T-Bone T-Bone's video clip

    Contributed by: Menji 

  4. Gameplay Codes

    All of these codes must be entered during gameplay and very quickly.

    The following code must be entered before entering any other codes:
    Unlock Code: Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right, Square

    Code Effect
    Left, Square, X, Up, Triangle Super Bounce
    Down, Triangle, Square, Square, Up Anti Gravity
    Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Square Mega Flip
    Up, X, Left, Square, Up Super Bunny Hop
    Down, Left, Left, Right Adrenaline Boost
    Down, Left, Left, Right, Right Stoke Trick Meter
    Up, Down, Left, Left, Right Combat Upgrade
    Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right Upgrade to Bottle
    Down, Right, Right, Left, Left Energy Restore
    Up, X, Left, Left, Circle, Circle Infinite Bottles
    Right, Triangle, Triangle, Left $2,000 Instantly
    Right, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, Square Free Money
    Left, Square, Circle, Square, Left Combat Free Code
    Down, Square, Square, Left, Circle Always Stoked
    Down, Triangle, Right, Right, Square Speed Freak
    Down, Triangle, Left, Left, Square Unlimited Energy
    Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down Unlock Everything
    Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up Unlock everything

    Contributed by: togepy 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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