It's the classic Mario Kart fun... times two!

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is the fouth installment of the Mario Kart series with an extra addtion, instead of one person driving, you now have a tandem tag team of two racers per kart, one person drives while the other person deals out the items. While driving you can instantly swich on the go, which adds a whole new deal of strategy. Classic characters abound, such as Mario, Luigi, DK, Peach, Yoshi, and with some new faces make their big debut on the racing tracks. Each character is equipped with their own special item that only they can get, for example, Mario and Luigi's special item is a fire ball which divides into smaller ones when thrown. The mulitplayer is very interesting too. The usual versus and battle mode reappears, but there is also a new addtion to the game, co-op play. Co-op play is where two players share one kart and cooperatively work together to acheve victory. All in all, this game is a very good game to play.