Double Dragon II: The Revenge Cheats For NES

  1. Extra Lives

    Choose the ''2 Player'' game where you are able to knock out the other player. Once the first screen of foes is defeated, knock out the other player. Each time you defeat the other player, you get a 1UP.

    Contributed by: Dallas 

  2. Helicopter glitch

    When playing the stage that you are inside the helicopter, there is a way to make the door close as soon as it opens. After it opens, just pause the game and leave it paused for about 10 or so seconds, and then unpause the game. After unpausing the game, the door should close, saving you the hassle of worrying about getting sucked out, and you can just concentrate on the enemies.

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  3. Unlimited Lives

    Take your character down to his last life. When you first encounter the train in Mission Five, you should have only three bars of health left. Now you want to lose two of those health bars. Then jump up and get hit by the upper steam pipe (losing your last bar of health) as the train is moving backwards. You should fall on the front conveyor and bounce around there for a little while. When you stand up again, if you did this right, you’ll have unlimited lives.

    Contributed by: DJ Tigresa 

  4. Codes

    Code Effect
    At the ''Game Over'' screen, rapidly press: Up, Right, Down, Left, A, B Continue Game (Stages 2-3)
    At the ''Game Over'' screen press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, A Continue Game (Stages 4-6)
    At the ''Game Over'' screen, press A, A, B, B, Down, Up, Right, Left (on controller 2) Continue Game (Stages 7-9)

    Contributed by: J.Lau 

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Double Dragon II: The Revenge Cheats For Turbo CD

  1. Level Select

    Code Effect
    At the title screen press Button I, Button II, Button I, Button II, Run Level Select

    Contributed by: steamliner88 

  2. Level Skip

    Code Effect
    Pause the game and hold Button I + Button II + Select and unpause the game Level Skip

    Contributed by: steamliner88 

  3. Visual Test Menu

    At the title screen, hold Button 1 + Button 2 + Select, wait until the screens starts fading into the intro and just before the screen goes totally black, hold the Start button. If done right, instead of going into the intro, it will go into the Visual Test Menu.

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  4. Sprite Test

    At the title screen, press II, I, II, I, Run. The Sprite Test should appear right away.

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Spanettone 87K

Double Dragon II: The Revenge Cheats For Amiga

  1. Turn screen upside down

    Press [Esc] and then type "yep, i changed the cheat mode on this version", and press [Enter] at the title screen. Begin gameplay and the screen will be flipped upside down.

    Contributed by: TheProdigy 

  2. Unlimited Lives

    Begin a two-player game, and press [Esc] + Fire on both joysticks at the same time.

    Contributed by: TheProdigy 

Double Dragon II: The Revenge Cheats For Commodore 64

  1. Unlimited lives

    Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting the program.

    Code Effect
    POKE 46537,173 Unlimited lives(player one)
    POKE 46553,173 Unlimited lives(player two)

    Contributed by: Dragon King 187 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Spanettone 80K

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee 29K