Best online game ever and it's FREE

User Rating: 10 | Dota 2 PC
I started playing DOTA2 at the beginning of the beta and since then I play almost every day 1 hour. For those who are unfamiliar with the MOBA genre, it is a mix between RPG and RTS and I truly believe it is the greatest game ever, one place above starcraft2. Just to get an idea how successful this game is, 2 years ago in the early beta, it had a huge pro scene and the winners earned 1 million USD.

When you start a match you pick one from a 100 pool hero and you start a battle with your opponents. Each team has 5 heroes and basically you try to destroy the enemy base. Your hero gains xp (to get more skills) and gold (to buy weapons, armor etc) when you kill neutral creeps and enemy heroes. One game lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour max. If your hero dies, you lose gold and you wait a few seconds to respawn.

What makes this game so fun is the interaction between your teammates and your enemies but the biggest success is that out of 100 different heroes, they made the game very balanced.

+It is FREE to play and you don't need extra money to get better. Real money is spent only for cosmetic additions.
+never gets boring
+300.000 online players at all times
+Perfectly balanced
+Game is easy to learn and difficult to master
+You can play vs bots who happen to be very smart

-Community is really bad. Lots of rude players especially towards new players
-NO 1v1 mode
-Only 1 map to play
-Cannot play offline (even with bots)