Free Dota 2 Beta Keys Giveaways

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Get access to the closed beta for Dota 2 with this last small Dota 2 beta key giveaway! With a beta key you can play Dota 2 and get a head start over everyone else dying to play it, enjoy!!! The beta keys have been bought from dedicated players who've earned their beta keys doing various things in-game (DotA). We have also been handed a few extra ones from our fellow community members as a "thank you" for everything that we have given away during the last months. Grab your key fast before it is too late ! Link:
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Guys, I found a stable way to get Dota 2 keys. There is a site on steam, actually a bot, you can ask a key. The system works as you can give to the bot the spare keys you have and it gives it away to the guys whose asking around. You can read my blog post about the bot and how to get the keys. I tried, it works.
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can you give me a Free beta key for Dota 2?'s my E-mail: My steam user name:Nenengb1 Thanks :D
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steam id .. chaaiii email
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can give me betakey almost 1 year i dont have betakey can't play dota so sad if u want to give me please send to thank you!
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Can you please give me a dota 2 beta key please i m overated of it, and i really want to play it:( My Steam:F2Law My email adress: Thanks
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Daily Dota 2 BetaKeys! Updated!
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Can you pls give me Dota 2 Beta Key my ID STEAM.cats_aj14