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What Gamespot Users have to say about Doom

  • User Rating 8.8

    Fun old school shooter.

    Rated on July 14, 2006 by Fuseking

    I didn't acually play this game till around 1999 so then i thought the graphics were horrible. Then later relized when the game came out and played it more and thought it was pretty good. Here i wo...

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  • User Rating 10

    possibly the best first person shooter ever to come out

    Rated on May 07, 2007 by PainKiller93

    when it came out in 1993 this game was possibly the mosy addictive game u could get,and it probably still is this game u play as a marine who is stranded in a space station on mars.with an ar...

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  • User Rating 9.5

    Defines Old School FPS! First good horror FPS! A must have for every old school game enthusiests collection!

    Rated on April 03, 2008 by WonderBread88

    Gameplay/Interface: 9/10 - First good horror fps. Best gameplay for it's time and of this style, Wolfenstein 3D was good but, Doom was still better. Story line is there but doesn't really show itself...

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  • User Rating 10

    If you are a first person shooter and haven't ever played Doom, there is definitely something wrong with you!

    Rated on April 05, 2008 by Str1keR-S1R

    Perfection. That is all that can be said about this game. You won't find a game as addictive or fun as Doom. There is a nice variety of enemies, weapons, fun bosses, what more could you ask for??!! Th...

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  • User Rating 4

    Believe it or not, but the Saturn port's biggest flaw is it's horrible framerate. And there's no excuse for it.

    Rated on July 13, 2013 by adders11

    With the endless number of Doom console ports out there, some are destined to be failures. And with the hardware limitations of console ports such as the SNES and 32X versions of Doom, you can expect ...

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  • User Rating 2.9

    Definitely not as good as it could of been.

    Rated on April 10, 2005 by doom3kjc

    Doom has been one of the greatest games in history, starting in 1993. It's been very popular across the years, along with other games like Quake. Doom games eventually came to more and more systems,...

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  • User Rating 8

    The harsh Gamespot review is to be ignored, this was the first Doom I played and its still the best by far

    Rated on July 12, 2010 by DCUltrapro

    So here we are, a great classic shooting game that basically pioneered the idea of a First Person Shooter (if you forget Bloodshot on Mega Drive) and while it isn't exactly perfect, it is soo much fun...

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  • User Rating 7

    good value and plenty of levels, but choppy graphics will automatically turn off the perfectionist.

    Rated on August 23, 2010 by bonnin40

    doom on the sega saturn. sounds like it would be great. has all of the levels from doom and doom 2 so theres plenty of variety. and playing this on the strongest 32 bit system on the market should be ...

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  • User Rating 3

    Could have been near perfect but too bad the Saturn is a 2D power house, but not that good at 3D.

    Rated on February 04, 2011 by predalienking6

    The Saturn was advertised as a 2D power house but that means that when something trying to do 3D comes/came out it wasn't done all that well on the Saturn. Graphics: the graphics are slightly more ...

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  • User Rating 5

    Had Doom been built from the ground up it would be worth playing. As it happens, this is not true.

    Rated on August 03, 2011 by loopy_101

    The Playstation version of Doom was a great way to set off the Playstation back in 1995, because at the time, Doom was an absolutely outstanding game in almost every way. Midway had improved the visua...

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