A great remake of the classic!!

(GRAPHICS) we all know pokemon games are fun and usaly realy good graphics this game is know differnt the graphics are great so clear so fun! it get ruffly a 9.3!
(GAMEPLAY) i was deeply impressed they added some new stuff that made this game great like how you can click the button in run without holding it, that made the game better i thought... But the caves in the game was bad i got threw victory road in like 10 min.... i mean i dont like caves but maybe a little challange? But i do love the gym's and the Big 4 "What i call them" the reason why it got away from the cycle of always what and steel and electric.... so a tuff rating but ill give it 9.0!
(REMAKE) Now how good did they remake this game? graphics were made great! Fantastic touch screen more than any other pokemon game !(love it) also they kept that classic magic in there wich makes it awsome! SO for remake ill give it a 9.0!
(THE POKEMON) all great love the 3 starters probaly better than any others! also love all the shiny pokemom brought a new look on them! and Jhoto was great probaly my favorate gen. so for pokemon ill give it a 9.1!
(REMAKE) 9.0
(OVER ALL) A Strong 9.0
(THANKS) thank you for reading hope you like it!