Doom Collector's Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Command line parameter's

    Type these at the end of the command line of a shortcut to the doom95 launcher.
    -weirdo ##
    The devparm allows you to save a Screenshot of the game by pressing the F1 key.
    the screenshots are saved in PCX format.

    The weirdo cheat will allow powerups and other things in the game to respawn in the amount of seconds specified.

    Contributed by: RACCOON MARINE 

  2. Secret Levels

    Here are all of the secret stages in Doom Collector's Edition

    Code Effect
    Find secret exit in E1M3 Toxin Refinery Ultimate Doom-E1M9 Military Base
    Find secret exit in E2M5 Command center Ultimate Doom-E2M9 Fortress of Mystery
    Find secret exit in E3M6 MT,Erubus Ultimate Doom-E3M9 Warrens
    Find secret exit in E4M2 Perfect Hatred Ultimate Doom-E4M9 fear
    Find secret exit in Level 15 Industrial Zone Doom2-Level 31 Wolfenstein
    Find secret exit in Level 31 Wolfenstein Doom2- Level 32 Grosse
    Find secret exit in Level 15 The twilight Plutonia-Level 31 Cyberden
    Find secret exit in Level 31 Cyberden Plutonia-Level 32 Go 2 it
    Find secret exit in Level i5 Dead zone TNT-Level 31 Pharaoh
    Find secret exit in Level 31 Pharaoh TNT-Level 32 Caribbean

    Contributed by: RACCOON MARINE 

  3. Doom II / Final Doom / Ultimate Doom Cheats

    Enter these codes and they will do the following.

    Code Effect
    iddqd God Mode
    idfa All Weapons and Ammo
    idkfa All Weapons, Ammo, Keys and 200% Armor
    idclev(1-9) Changes the level depending on the number.
    idclip Walk through walls
    iddt Gives you the entire map.
    iddt(twice) Gives you the position of everyone.
    idbeholda Computer Map
    idbeholdi Invisibility
    idbeholdl Light Amp Goggles
    idbeholdr Radiation Suit
    idbeholds Beserker Pack
    idbeholdv Temporary Invulnerability
    idchoppers Chainsaw
    idclev## Go to level ## (Doom 2 and Final Doom)/ Go to Episode # Level # (Ultimate Doom)
    idmus## Plays music from Episode #, Mission # (Ultimate Doom)/ Plays music from Level ## (Doom II and Final Doom)
    fhhall Eliminate ALL enemies on current map
    fhshh Monsters do not notice player(s) unless they are injured or a shot is fired
    idmypos Displays your current location

    Contributed by: dasviolator 

  4. ''No Clipping'' in Ultimate Doom only

    Enter during gameplay.

    Code Effect
    idspispopd No Clipping

    Contributed by: JagDogger2525 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by JagDogger2525 and peach freak 689K