Official Playstation Mag UK Review 5/10 lulz

#1 Posted by pathofneo99 (68 posts) -

Not bad. I think this game's underrated and especially this version. They polished this game up with a remaster and still ungrateful peasants exist. Delta Labs never looked so good so if your on the fence and have a good video card then dig in baby!

#2 Posted by green_abobo (1287 posts) -
they wouldnt know a good game if it jumped out in front of them and ate their faces off.
#3 Posted by adders11 (309 posts) -

They just can't resist comparing everything to Modern Warfare.

#4 Posted by RSM-HQ (788 posts) -

I lost hope in this magazine when they gave Uncharted 3 a perfect score. And yet it uses a tacked on WWE style grapple system which they've moaned about to THQ for the past five years. Monkeys on a typewritter could do the job they have in my opinon. 

& this is coming from someone who always considered DOOM III a step backwards.