Is classic mode confirmed?

#1 Posted by pathofneo99 (68 posts) -
I need proof that classic mode is confirmed so I can choose between weapon and flashlight.. and everything aint so damn bright. This is supposed to be a DARK game!
#2 Posted by ozzmarkk (838 posts) -

That's a good question. I guess we'll know soon enough.

#3 Posted by pathofneo99 (68 posts) -
No native 1080p support and classic mode means no sale for me. These should be no-brainers.
#4 Posted by green_abobo (1287 posts) -
i have the o.g. pc version & this one. the flashlight is shoulder mounted & your fists are the primary melee tools, that can be used to strip opponents of their toys in mp. ^ the battery is limited. you cant use it constantly. it comes in handy & i actually prefer it this way.